Wladimir Klitschko Vs. David Haye Stare down

David Haye Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko Vs. David Haye Stare down”

  1. maldo240 says:

    fake ass ‘boxers’ tyson and ali would knock them the f*ck out..

  2. Armo949494 says:

    lol klitchko has his brother with him 😀 they will kick haye easy

  3. Armo949494 says:

    hahah guys continue in ring xD

  4. 3eethr says:

    @bbkingz21guNz Yeh but you also said Haye dosnt know how to fight… I think ur another clueless soft lad whos never put on a pair of gloves let alone sparred or had a bout

  5. clutterbuck16 says:

    Haye simply got beat by a better fighter. Broken toe or not, he still would have lost. Them Klitschko’s are hard mother fuckers.

  6. NumberedArt says:

    Haye definitely had something wrong with his toe………He cant go toe to toe against decent boxers like the Klitschkos lol

  7. bbkingz21guNz says:

    @3eethr no i said he had power but not like tyson no one can be tyson jus like no one would be haye , yo dude before you comment to me read what i said so that you can understand, the way haye was fighting was not boxing he was trying to knock his opponent rather than fight thats why he lost especially he depended on speed that got him extremely tired so if your fighting and your tired as hell you wouldnt throw as much power punches cuz yur too tired nd throwing with power would get u more tired

  8. Jo3x96 says:

    im gutted david haye retired cus i would have loved to see him kod on his ass one more time

  9. 3eethr says:

    @bbkingz21guNz U said he had power LIKe Tyson no one has the power explosion or speed of Tyson in the HW division.

  10. 3eethr says:

    @WORLDWARIIIVERYSOON IM white and u giv caucations a bad name, ur just a very emotional little kid, and u talk alot of wierd shit soft lad, u from the 1800 or just neo Nazi scumbag who our forefathers fought to stop, sprout a pube and stop shitting yaself wen u see a non white person, lol

  11. bbkingz21guNz says:

    @3eethr …… i didnt even compare him to tyson i just said that he thought he was tyson trynna knock out klitzko , he was slow he was slugging falling like a lil bitch and complaining all that shyt he was talking on 24/7 ,its embarassing dude ! if you going to fight anyone wether its street dirty or boxing dont talk shit unless you can fight but dont talk shit and embarrass yourself …..lmao

  12. Hollandia777 says:

    @bbkingz21guNz It’s a pity Klitschko didn’t kill this cheap talkin’ shit!…

  13. AllahHelpsKlitschko says:

    Klitschko has defeated the zionist media and the zionist tool!

    Russia and China stop foreign powers from going into Syria!

    Thanks to Allah for creating these 2 nations!

  14. BeamMeUpSir says:

    Typical behavior from Haye. Talk shit and then get knocked out. All people like him know how to do is talk talk talk.

  15. 3eethr says:

    @bbkingz21guNz donr even know why ur comparing haye with tyson

  16. bbkingz21guNz says:

    Watched the fight,its so funny how hayy talks so much and doesn’t know how to fight first off he’s off balance the first few rounds he depended on speed that he did not witch gotten him tired that why he was throwing crazy punches and fallen and complaining .he does not kno how to fight and all that cheap talk was for nothing cuz now he going home with defeat what a lame !Only thing he had was power that he doesn’t know when to use it Trying to be tyson lol I bet tyson laughed at his performance

  17. ZebedeeP says:

    @TheMRJabyouintheFace Look at how the trash talk damaged the lives of Joe Fraziers kids when he fought Ali. I love those fights but what would I rather have; an exciting build up that’s peripheral to the event or Joe Frazier’s kids able to go to school without their peers calling their dad ‘uncle Tom’.

  18. ZebedeeP says:

    @TheMRJabyouintheFace it does nothing to improve a fight. A purist would watch for the combat not the attitudes and the hopes of justice or retribution. The only result of this particular episode of trash talk was that I lost respect for my countryman, someone who is actually a decent boxer. It was a shame.

  19. TheMRJabyouintheFace says:

    @ZebedeeP If every Boxer was a Gentleman the build up to fights would be boring and un-eventful.

  20. runhorun says:

    If mike tyson was in his prime and fought Klitchko… He would knock his ass out. But that is just a dream to think about.

  21. gaspar2777 says:

    DAVID HAYE you are a fucking scum !!!!!!!prepare for death bitch . you will be carved on a voodoo doll. you will die in 3 days

  22. ZebedeeP says:

    I’m British and love my country but I never wanted a British fighter to lose so badly. Not an ounce of humility in the man. His entourage like flunkies round some wannabe gangster… some cockney telling a behemoth of boxing like Emanuel Steward “Don’t you dare Manny”… The only thing this fight proved is that you can be gentlemanly and still the better man. No excuses, working to strengths, dignity, hard work. Take a bow Klitschko’s… you’re a touch of class in sport losing it’s soul.

  23. Freestaila13 says:

    Im waiting for Vitali to knock this cookie ass out too 😀

  24. Jeremic1989 says:

    sorry Haye, you are just not that good

  25. 777MexicanPride777 says: