David Haye Video clip Score: 4 / five


  1. martin shipley says:

    The sport of boxing throughout the last 100 years (at leat) has been peppered
    with criticism regarding people saying it is a sport ‘of ‘and ‘for’
    Glorified ‘Thugs’;This guy is the absolute Perfect Champion for their cause.
    I have been a boxing fan for decades and unquestionably, this guy, his
    Lowlife dreadful attitude and uncouth foulmouthed behaviour is the worst advert
    for boxing I have Ever witnessed.
    He acts like a child; A playground bully who has only just discovered ‘Foul language’
    and thinks using it makes him look like a ‘Tough Guy’.
    He complains(among other things) that nobody is putting up a big payday to
    watch him Fight ?
    Honestly, win or lose, what fight backer would want to give their money to someone
    who acts like a slovenly pig of man who is a Bad advert for the sport?
    He has ‘No Idea’ how to conduct himself.
    He is a disgrace not only to boxing but to the entire history of boxing.
    The sooner someone knocks him back into the gutter the better.
    Just Awful…

  2. Gypsy Mafia says:

    Tyson Fury bit rough in his manners but the man is right what he says …
    Haye was frit to death of him and like everyone else … scared to death of
    travellers. Haye should be stripped from boxing for being a coward

  3. sugzinho says:

    ALTHOUGH i think yetgiv sergerihof will be a huge match for fury

  4. Sugar R robinson says:

    Wilder would put Fury to sleep. I think Wilder is the only person Fury is
    petrified of.

  5. sugzinho says:


  6. Ricky Dee says:

    He’s got some talk on him but I genuinely believe Haye saw this as a
    massive banana skin & swerved it. 

  7. Carl Woods says:

    Haye new he was gettin fucked up soon as he got in the ring with tyson him
    an adam booth pair of pussy fucks

  8. The picture of an eye says:

    I cant wait for this chump to be put on the floor, he fights like a donkey
    upright, he has no class when speaking, he sounds like a moron when he
    spurts his shit, I really hope David does fight him or one of the Ukraine
    Bros, It’s easy to spot that Tyson cannot box, he cant throw a straight
    hand to save his moms caravan. I look forward to his excuses when he gets
    put down!

  9. Jeff Baker says:

    go to the states tyson.

  10. muzammal hussain says:

    job seekers? is he joking?? why did he piss his previous doe away??

  11. iandear says:

    Tyson fury is shit…

  12. Ryan Laidler says:

    He was one fight away from a mandatory fight with klitsko. He was promised
    a fight at klitsko when he beats chisora in 2011. He took out Cunningham a
    ex 2 time champion I’m a KO defeat, not tko. And he’s improving. Deontay
    wilder is about 3 years behind tyson so don’t bring names up. 

  13. Cm Punk says:

    Tyson Fury rules 

  14. Angle Angie says:

    Haye is a con artist

  15. Andrew Moran says:

    I agree Fury was right all along – but he himself needs to also fight
    someone of note as so far he has beat no one at he top level – Thompson,
    Wilder, Chisora II, Price, Stiverne, Banks, Pulev, Arreola, Chagev,
    Povetkin etc – by rights it should be Pulev as a final eliminator to face

  16. See Em says:

    Well, I don’t like to say it but it looks like Fury was right.
    I think that it’s one of two things: Haye is genuinely injured or he’s
    having an operation now to give himself enough time to fight Klitscho
    before Klitscho retires.

    I think Haye is using strategy to finish on a high, with the belts.

    Judging by Klitscho vs Chisora, it would be like taking “candy” from a baby.

    So yea, I’m inclined to agree with Fury; I think Haye is using a strategy.

    I don’t think Haye is worried about Fury at all, but fighting Fury WOULD
    delay the shoulder operation.

    Come back in 9 month’s time, and let’s see what happens.

    Haye to beat Klistcho, get the belts, and then beat Fury. Retire. (I don’t
    know if he’ll have a rematch with Vladimir, he didn’t seem up for it. It
    would make for an exciting last fight though, if Haye beats Vitali and gets
    the belts, he’ll be the way for Vladimir to own ALL of the belts, as he
    won’t fight his brother.)

    It’s like Dallas, hehe

  17. goonluv says:

    I watched tyson from his fat days and he has come along way getting better
    all the time just a shame the haye fight ain’t going to happen

  18. Cm Punk says:

    Tyson Fury rules 

  19. Daniie Foister says:

    tyson fury is class and honest thank god we have 2 good heavy weights like
    joshua and fury and if price gets is confidance all could be good for
    english boxing

  20. Ryan Laidler says:

    James finn noes nothing in boxing.

  21. Jason Smith says:

    Wilder offered you the fight you went all quiet now your saying he didn’t
    want it I smell pussy

  22. quadcatfly says:

    He is only 22 but looks like he is 40. AND WHAT A DUMP did they meet him
    about? Is that how UK looks like? Come to Detroit then, improve your

  23. Sham Ayub says:

    He’s too funny lol

  24. szlachta1alek says:

    If Szpilka wins his next fight, he should fight fury!!! he’d smash his face

  25. mr t says:

    He is a man simple !!!!