The Diet Plan Of David Haye

The former champion in two weights weighs more than 16 stone and with a height of 6 feet 3 inches.

Although he is not massive considering his profession as a heavyweight boxer, but Haye has conquered the heavyweight division WBA. The boxer is striving to achieve his victory in the British world title game with IBF champion Anthony Joshua next year. David Haye defeated Arnold Gjergjaj, the Kosavan heavyweight player in the 2nd round which took place on 21st May. However, the extra size of David Haye has been obtained through a no dairy, vegan and meat-free diet.

Haye gave up consumption of animal products in his recovery period, but it has given him a whole lot of benefits in terms of performance. He has not had milk or cheese for the last 2 years and has reaped its benefits as per PETA, the animal welfare charity. After cutting out meat from his diet, he has felt fitter, lighter and healthier. His skin has become visibly clearer than before and he has also got many other benefits. He gets up feeling brighter and active in the mornings without feeling lazy or drowsy. His energy level has gone up as he does not feel sleepy after his meals.

The size like that of Haye requires a huge count of calories to balance the training volume of boxing, and also a good amount of protein intake. However, Haye has switched to other alternatives from plants to obtain the benefits of amino acids instead of protein enriched diet. Earlier on, he was eating around 24 egg whites in addition to 4 cans of sardines on a daily basis, but he now completely switched over to natural plant resources. The diet followed by Haye is very unusual from what other heavyweight boxers follow, but it has worked well for him in terms of performance and health.