Ringside: David Haye Retires 2/2

David Haye Video clip Score: three / five

8 Responses to “Ringside: David Haye Retires 2/2”

  1. TheXeniaonatopp says:

    @mO3fnMon3y wladimir did more than haye did. look at all the ways he called wladimir out and he did hardly anything. wlad was just playing it safe, as he has to to protect that glass chin. what im saying is that haye does not deserve a rematch because he did nothing but talk bug and not fight big, which is what you must always do in a unification fight

  2. mO3fnMon3y says:

    @TheXeniaonatopp why only blame one side klitschko didnt really fight aswell, but even though it was a boring fight even near the end i thought one of em could get hit with a good counter. plus there is no other heavyweights. lol iam not a Haye fan i think hes a pussy and he did not deliver.

  3. TheXeniaonatopp says:

    @mO3fnMon3y haye did vertually nothing in their first fight compared to what he promised. he doesnt deserve a rematch

  4. mO3fnMon3y says:

    Wladimir Klitschko blamed his loss to Brewster to being drugged and got a rematch give Haye a rematch

  5. kingkevinjoy says:

    he doesnt have the passion for the sport…look at guys like hopkins, morales, marquez, and even barerra (who was diagnosed with a blood clot in the mid 90s, had open brain surgery and had plated put in his head and continued boxing for 20 fights after that)…they love it and never see a finish line. david saw the finish line way before turning pro

  6. LogicalStatements1 says:

    Lol @ everyone who puts David Haye down , you talk about him and you know his name , like it or not that makes him successful.
    I’m gunna miss him , i hope he makes a come back 1 day , but i doubt it will happen.

  7. Kidzz01 says:

    Vitali would’ve leathered Gaye

  8. ZooYorkUK says:

    He bottled that Vitali fight!!