Lennox Lewis ‘David Haye Got An Uphill Battle’

David Haye Online video Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Lennox Lewis ‘David Haye Got An Uphill Battle’”

  1. brightonblock says:

    @oasismanutd He is British, he was born in London England grew up in England considers himself English and is an English citizen….what more do you want?

  2. oasismanutd says:

    @Notgoingnowhere and Lewis isn’t even British,LOL

  3. crowley0312 says:

    @Notgoingnowhere And Bob Fitzsimmons. He’s old, but he was good.

  4. crowley0312 says:

    Vitali > Lennox > Wladimir

  5. Machiavelli1513 says:

    @whitepanther84 Is that like power and strength? lol

  6. deIced says:

    @Vernonu9 I wouldn’t say that vitali whooped lennox’s ass. He was winning on all the judges scorecards right before lennox busted his face up and the fight was stopped. Who knows what would have happened after that though.

  7. Notgoingnowhere says:

    Lennox lewis is the only real british heayweigh, haye is a fake and embrassment

  8. wcwrulzzz says:

    @AmirNikfekrHD you have to go to world war era to see it all belong to Germany :P

  9. TheDVDjedi says:

    lennox lewis top 5 heavyweight of all time. thats right i said it!

  10. Vernonu9 says:

    Lennox got that ass whooped by Vitali…………..and I was pulling for Lennox.

  11. aaarrr1 says:

    @XaK47zX watch the total fight between vitali an lennox klitcho was on fire aswell its his style to be elusive to step and slip with punchs that come from wierd angles hence why he gave lewis a hard time an why after the fight when there was a calling for a rematch lewis retried not taking anything away from lewis but vitali is a great fighter and he dominates the heavy weight division at almost 40, haye was shown that its not that there opononets are crap its just there really good

  12. govtschemes says:

    Lennox should fight David Haye…..ooooo I would pay good money to see that!!

  13. XaK47zX says:

    lennox is a legend tell vitali to learn how to block

  14. ohho1 says:

    lennox lewis looks like morgan freeman lol

  15. AmirNikfekrHD says:

    Wladamir is Ukranian not German :)

  16. MrNathan025 says:

    @boombaah1000 yea lewis won the fight over a lucky cut on vits eyebrow. vitalis and lewis face were both fucked up. lewis is one of the greatest there is no denying that but if he were to of gave a rematch with vitali the clear winner would be vitali no doubt. but a win is a win for lewis. an just saying there should of been no rematch with rahman because lewis should of knocked him out in the first fight but he didnt.

  17. forexistentialistics says:

    Lewis, why didnt you give Vitali rematch? haha

  18. gelendghik says:

    lewis is a fakin pussy!!Vitaliy won every fakin round by the score and he lost only beacuse that fakin cut!vitaliy did not stop the fight.he asked for rematch and lewis did not accept and retired like a fakin cunt!!!lewis just keep your fakin hole shut!!!

  19. spannerboy1987 says:

    Hey you cant call lenox’s talent into this, he was the best heavyweight champ since Ali and his belts proved that as well as beating klitchko when he was well past his prime

  20. smusunuri says:

    Lennox is big pussy !!! Vitali is true champion. this British media is very biased

  21. expressivechild says:

    Unfortunately, the Hayemaker showed he didn’t have a fighting heart… Broken toe is the worst excuse imaginable for putting up a lackluster performance.

  22. boombaah1000 says:

    @WarriorTrtle1 oh yeah, how? didnt lewis fuck vitales face up and WIN the fight…stop trollin you geek lewis is 1 of the greatest, he beat McCall and knocked out rahman in a rematch..you my friend dont know shit about boxing.

  23. fearlessftw says:

    @whitepanther84 quick reactions

  24. fearlessftw says:

    @1ShinraTensei Klitschko was born in Semipalatinsk (now Semey, Kazakhstan).[2][3][4] Though a celebrity in his former adopted home of Germany

  25. 1ShinraTensei says:

    Home country ?

    Wladimirs home country is the Ukraine and not germany.