HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez IV – Episode 3 (Part 1 of 2)

David Haye Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Marquez IV – Episode 3 (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. edub82 says:

    man fuck weight…if it was so much of an issue than marquez shouldn’t have fought him. all i’m saying is that marquez could not land one good effective shot on floyd for 12 rounds. marquez is a very good fighter, and true warrior who makes no excuses. but he could not even touch floyd. weight may have been a factor but floyd didnt make any excuses when he won in 3 different weight classes, now did he? shut that bullshit up, you sound stupid

  2. chawfy nawfy says:

    Isn’t Donaire trained by a Mexican? Doesn’t Donaire have many Mexican stablemates? Show some respect like Donaire does, you scumbag.

  3. aliens301 says:

    come on this is a big joke for u,this is old joke ,excuses..look marquez he is 39 yrs old but still strong..oh poor maricon

  4. iiRonics says:

    right, right, we?.. pfft only philipino champ was manny PERIOD unlike us, like i said ur boy Donaire is stepping on a grinder and if Donaire would of lost to Arce it would of being pathetic like i said Arce is past his prime.

  5. k3ho says:

    name of the song 6:09?

  6. aliens301 says:

    dude,crying? how about if doniare lost the fight arce then what ur excuses? hahah dude think first cuz u busted again,by the way,we filipinos we fight one to hundred mexican,we are like spartans,a warrior

  7. iiRonics says:

    donaire? probably because he’s the only filipino left in boxing ur dick riding him, how can u compare Pacquiao to him? Like really? Arce? He’s old.. past his prime. Sorry but ur boy Donaire is stepping on a meat grinder.

  8. chrismartinez121 says:

    Good fight

  9. Djordje Krstich says:

    what’s the name of the song at 2:19 mark. Chorus “Sometimes…Sometimes..” ? Please advise. thx:)

  10. Midnightrambler3760 says:

    Who cares?

  11. aliens301 says:

    well, werent not bad..marquez KO pac but pac KO more mexican..1-10…plus another mexicutioner coming this saturday donaire vs arce…the next pacquiao…watch out bro..

  12. yohana dugarte says:

    no me gusta el vocseo

  13. iiRonics says:


  14. Midnightrambler3760 says:

    NSAC testing is less than perfect…but Marquez did pass so too bad for pactards.

  15. feeneyson900 says:

    lol marquez fucking destroyed that rice queen! finally somebody shut up all those fucking pactards xD

  16. aliens301 says:

    even marquez take the drug test..its negative result…watch angel heredia for documentary from germany show..

  17. Apple iDisciple says:

    Filipino Family’s CRAZY Reaction to Manny Pacquiao’s loss on my CHANNEL!

  18. 82guerrero says:

    Manny is a good fighter but I guess we wont be on American TV shows and also Nike might stop making his shoes. I want to see Marquez get this type of Fame in America Guess not most people dont want to see a Mexican be on a normal TV station in America its so sad very sad.. Macdonals is the only one i see that put every body in there cormacials like the Mexican-American Female boxers from Houston TX that when to the Olympics.

  19. Midnightrambler3760 says:

    Marquez said he was willing to take any test that Pac was willing to take.

  20. 11jontee says:

    kahit ako mananalo na ako dito kasi naman pang apat na to pag hindi kapa nanalo nyan ewan ko nlng kahit ako ma sasaulo ko na galaw ng kalaban kung ako si marquez… masasabi ko rin na kaya din siguro natalo si pacquiao ito po ay opinyon ko ka lamang mahirap kasi lumaban ng masama ang loob kasi mag kagalit sila ni aling dionisia dahil sa kanyang relihiyon…. pero pacquiao parin ako the best 😀

  21. Jennifer Biore says:

    our hero is just simply mixing it all together, politics, religion, politics for his family (jinky and his sibs), showbiz, and everything. filipinos are appealing to his thick entourage, pls get out from manny’s inner circle let us help him do the last clutch of his legacy. definitely he will bounce back, just pls get out from there if you love him. he only needs the close adviser, trainors , and few aids i think. you ra ra people in his baggage can help manny restore what he lost.

  22. Jose Antonio Castro says:

    Thank’s for all both fighters, im a Mexican but the true is ….what a class of boxing!

  23. dojOdRiFTeR says:

    hey flip mayweather would destroy pactard that guys stands no chance aginst floyd floyd 0 losses

  24. aliens301 says:

    exactly right..EPO gives stamina plus perfect punch for marquez and hard training..we accept the defeat..i know before the fight pac will lost cuz of distraction and hard head..if u are boxer stay what u r dont involved in poltics, showbiz and religion..we know what happen that was 2009 i predict,look at now he lost everything..

  25. Brynny211 says:

    Any one whom calls it running away ” KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT BOXING”