Haye vs Chisora – Beyond The Ropes Episode 2

David Haye Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Haye vs Chisora – Beyond The Ropes Episode 2”

  1. rwc20071 says:

    that song at 1.46 sounds linkin parkish

  2. Sloth Armstrong says:

    Adam i would say Prat more than anything

  3. Ben pascal says:


  4. Ben pascal says:

    music fro 10:41 please 

  5. zxcthethird says:

    i know what the song is at 1:46 but ill never tell Muahahahahahaahahahaha

  6. zeberdee123 says:

    Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion of the world, WBA Heavyweight Champion of the world and went the distance with the best heavyweight boxer out there, you dont know what your talking about mate!

  7. Stuart Miller says:

    This guy has an unwarranted sense of confidence for someone with a boxing legacy which could at best be described as average. Does he actually think that his victory over chisora actually repairs the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Klitchko? Not to mention the embarrassingly pathetic way he dealt with his defeat & tried to excuse it with a bee sting on his toe? Haye should take his money & his shit legacy & go & pursue his dream of what will ultimately be an equally tragic acting career!

  8. adafaafaf says:

    just name of song…((((

  9. rperez933 says:

    Someone Please Tell Us Which Song Starts @ 1:46!!!!!!

  10. zeberdee123 says:

    Track at 23:30 for the train montage????

  11. spondooluwarrior says:

    LOL someone please get that fukin name of the song!!!!

  12. MrJoec2010 says:

    anyone know what that song is yet? 1.46

  13. zeberdee123 says:

    Lost 4 fights in a row has a good chin, but Haye has proven what happens when he comes up against a real puncher, Price will knock him out!

  14. 2012PAPILLON says:

    Again, Do you know me, or what I’ve done as a boxer fan boy??? No you don’t so shut the fuck up you prick!

  15. chaosinesco says:

    hahaah you havent done shit as a boxer queer, you arent qualified to make chisora a sandwhich or wipe that nigs ass to be real, he would smash you. trust me, i could maybe outbox him because i competed for 4 years and boxed since i was 11, im 19 now. doesnt mean i could beat chisora im not an ignorant fuck like you. i know i would have his timing down and probly catch him with a check left hook coming in but i weigh 150 and hes a heavyweight with a decent chin. Youd be smashed lil hoe

  16. 2012PAPILLON says:

    Do you know me, or what I’ve done as a boxer fan boy??? No you don’t so shut the fuck up you prick!

  17. chaosinesco says:

    no you wouldnt. chisora would throw you like a rag doll against the ropes and hit you with a left hook that would have you quiting if not knocked out

  18. Ice2watcher says:

    Chisora is hilarious. Laughed my ass off watching the dude…

  19. Acramerful says:

    what’s the intro song?!

  20. 2012PAPILLON says:

    Chisora, youre a fat slow as fuck chump, a pantomime character created by your pathetic antics ion and out of the sport. Knobhead! And yeh, I would get in him and I’d smash him up, slow motion fat cunt

  21. Grom056 says:


  22. motocross6522 says:

    11:33 too 12:18 thats obviously bullshit cuz haye knocked him out cold on the 14th of july haha

  23. SteveTwoTheO says:

    chisora + new coach + get in shape = actually a good boxer.

  24. alex1998xPro says:

    what is the intro song which starts at 1:38

  25. RoFlLmAo95 says:

    He doesn’t for his in ring fighting but outside the ring he fully deserves the title as he is a disrepectful cunt.