Dereck Chisora has a fight with David Haye at press conference (Full)

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24 Responses to “Dereck Chisora has a fight with David Haye at press conference (Full)”

  1. whitetornado52 says:

    Your toothless British mother deserves to be slapped and spat on.

  2. smokeyvelvet42 says:

    They deserved to be spat upon and slapped as well ,they are an insult & a disgrace to boxing!!!! Maybe you should tell them the difference between boxing & wrestling in the ring this isn’t “WRESLE MANIA” they are absolutely pathetic in the ring i.e. 21 times on Hayes back during the fight and 47 times on Mormeck back riding him to the canvas within 9 of the fight and have the adacity to call this boxing ? WTF !!!! Thank you Chisora for spitting & slapping these two bums.

  3. Zazinikki says:

    I don’t care if you assume them manipulation. I think that the opponents have to respect each other and what chisora have done before and after the match was nothing but an act of senseless violence, even if David Haye provoked him. Apparently you adore Chisora, that’s just pathetic!.

  4. Luliinator31 says:

    His own fighter hit him with a tripod. Stupid ass thought he got hit with a bottle hahahaha!

  5. KittyHawkHill says:

    he glassed my ass

  6. KenTheMan407 says:



    He glassed me, he fuckin glassed me!!

  8. FIGHTSEEN says:

    Yeah…THIS is the kind of headline that boxing makes these days.

  9. FIGHTSEEN says:

    Yeah…THIS is the kind of headline that boxing makes these days.

  10. smokeyvelvet42 says:

    Chisora shouldn’t be slapping & spitting on the Klitschkos he should be doing that to you !! You would show much more appreciation 🙂 since you know nothing about boxing.

  11. smokeyvelvet42 says:

    This isnt by chance the village idiot from the Ukraine ? who hasn’t a clue about boxing but feels himself obligated to comment when he isn’t scatching his scrotum 24/7 !!
    Just relax crawl back into your kennel & refrain from barking. Your great white hope from the former soviet union will be proud of you once you finish cleaning their behinds.

  12. jzl82 says:

    you dont now anything about boxing…..throw punches into the shoulders, arms and back of a boxer is nothing…my guess is that you’re a black who love chisora and wants to married him

  13. aouttandy1 says:

    HE GLASSED ME!!!!!!!

  14. Killer141288 says:

    Das lustige ist an der Geschichte das solche Boxer wie Haye und Chisora hochgehandelt werden obwohl sie erst paar Kämpfe gemacht haben. Da merkt man erst wie schwach besser gesagt wie armseelig das Schwergewicht Boxen geworden ist. In den 90ern hätte man solche Boxer nicht mal zu einem Titelkampf als Zuschauer eingeladen.

  15. davidGTful says:

    Valdimir is just chillin and laughing!! xDD ahhahah

  16. bukakee1 says:

    In Russia, Glass hit you

  17. TheBelal7 says:

    that’s a fucking lie.. David had the bottle inside his fist to make a MUCH STRONGER HIT, try it yourself, use a lighter or a bottle, but be careful you don’t destroy youre hand.

  18. BanditOneUK says:

    he glassed me he fucking glassed me

  19. IchWillNurvideosab18 says:

    hat chisora verdient der scheiß wixxer !! Danke haye!

  20. MultiSam1101 says:

    Кличко ЛУЧШИЙ!!!

  21. KeineGnade1000 says:

    Ich mag Haye am meisten

  22. HustleHamburg says:

    ersmal habe ich geschrieben VERSUCHTER totschlag und das ist wenn man mit einer waffe (in dem fall die glasflasche) auf jemanden einschlägt un dann noch ins gesicht also das ist einfach tatsache ich weis es denn ich wurde einmal genau deshalb verurteilt !!!
    egal wer provoziert hat zu erst hat chisora und so gesagt haye soll verschwinden ist er aber nicht dann ist chisora hingegang und haye hat direkt mit der flasche zu geschlagen !! und das kann man sehr wohl sehen!! ganz einfach!!

  23. PussyMoney22307 says:

    2:08 BEST SZENE!

  24. serge78russia says:

    I didn’t know the verb “to glass”, I knew only the noun.