David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko Official Weigh In

David Haye Video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko Official Weigh In”

  1. leonzr1 says:

    @lylegers77 cmon man, who wants to watch that, we all knew who was gona win the first one between wlad and gaye, and just why would anyone wana watch another running event from gayemaker? we can witness speed in the NFL every sunday, we wana see boxing, not some bullshit from a loudmouth that lost and was only in it for the payday, dayum

  2. nbmufc94 says:

    fuckin makes me ashamed to be english hearing these twats chant like that. Klitschko is the fucking man, david is a fool tbh

  3. Elvathar says:

    @heyihor He sucks in the sense that he is boring as hell to watch. That he sucks as a showman and a entertainer. What he however doesn’t suck at is he’s amazing boxing skills wich he can make a person wich has been training boxing for all he’s life look like an complete amateur.

    And it sure is a pity David haye didn’t won beacuse he would bring alot of glamour back to the sport. But the best man won and hat of for wladimir.

  4. MainMan319 says:

    Klitschko was the man Haye called a robot; the man Haye said he would put in hospital; the man Haye said he would decapitate. The man who made Haye look stupid, inside and outside of the ring.
    thumbs up if you wasted money on the Haye V Klitschko fight after listening to Haye spout rubbish/trash

  5. SteveDutchy says:

    I supported haye but now that he is retired, he shows he was only there for the money. every real great boxer would continue on if he was in his prime. neh I’m done with haye.

  6. kickykaka says:

    @lylegers77 hes has retired?

  7. lylegers77 says:

    Fight agreed between David and Vitali for 31st December folks!

  8. charlotteBraillie says:

    *to ease his guilty conscience for what his people have done to Blacks*

    I had no idea Ukrainians have ever done anything to blacks, but if you say so… (lmao)

  9. charlotteBraillie says:

    PLEASE David, fight Vitali. You know it makes sense!

  10. xTomski says:

    stupid pikey fans bet they shut up now

  11. emilbiz says:

    @SNeRiiTSNaRE haye is retired after the beating wladimir put on him.

  12. DorianMauve says:

    And of course there’s a bunch of British hooligans chanting insulting songs in the background. I’m used to them fucking up the atmosphere at football matches, didn’t know they’d go so far as to insult the heavy weight champ. Bunch of xenophobic cowards.

  13. NottinghamForest22 says:

    you’re shit haye, fuck off.

  14. MrAlala911 says:


    cos everyone else sucks too. hw boxing is shit

  15. hazza3 says:

    If hes 6’3″ then i must be 6’5″

  16. leonzr1 says:

    @SNeRiiTSNaRE gaye will lose again, and what gaye did was not fight, he was running away for the whole match, why does anyone wana witness another escape and get paid match? he has no chance of winning by running away, he did the run away trick and outran valuev for 12 rounds and won, it didnt work against wlad and wont work against vit either

  17. SNeRiiTSNaRE says:

    He’s still fighting vitali next year.

  18. stealthkick says:

    I will never see another Haye Fight!!!

  19. heyihor says:

    @4m1rh4mz4hu5541n Yes, that is totally true.

  20. 4m1rh4mz4hu5541n says:

    @heyihor exactly you have to beat whats in front of you

  21. 9820413 says:

    Большой привет с Лондона. I love you Klitschko!

  22. nineteenninetywon says:

    I don’t think it’s very fair that they can work together. It’s like if you play blackjack and team up (when it’s supposed to be a free for all) your chances of winning increase dramatically.

  23. Snook4War says:

    Dont start the God & Allah talk on a great fighting video

  24. barnearmy says:

    Haye your shit

  25. AllahHelpsKlitschko says:

    People like Klitschko prove that God does exist!

    A honest, brave, respectable, honorable, intelligent, attractive, great fighter etc is the EVIDENCE of this! Oh surely this guy could be the one to show the western world the LIGHT! The zionist must be frightened of Klitschko! They poisoned him in 2004……. and in 2011 both of the Klitschko brothers are still ruling the world!
    Another Russian fighter(Alexander Povetkin) is the runner up!

    It’s Russia & China time! This is Allah will!