David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko – Final Press Conference

David Haye Video Ranking: four / five

25 Responses to “David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko – Final Press Conference”

  1. unseenforce10 says:

    mr gaye is a low class beaut. wladimir is great thats it.

  2. ukrainik says:

    P.S. I can’t wait NOT to read another one of your degenerate comments but unfortunately your lack of reasoning skills and blind racism have bored me. The fact is that no matter how much you’ll foam at your mouth Haye still have lost to a better boxer and all the heavy weight belts belong to Klischko brothers. I hope this simple yet somehow bothersome fact is not gonna keep you up all night 🙂

  3. ukrainik says:

    I see you getting a bit pissy cause your “homie” was schooled. lol Haye is going into history as a big mouth shit talker who got out-boxed and had to quit after he realized he got no skill. Your irrational support for a poor looser who couldn’t come up with a better strategy for a match then to look for an excuse in some obscure toe injury is a testimony to your feeble intelligence and poor taste. And way to bring race into argument! wWth all those black heavy weight champs:)

  4. klokpful says:

    @DavidTheCatholic your a fool why didnt haye win then , why bring race into boxing black or white a great boxer is a great boxer

  5. DavidTheCatholic says:

    @ukrainik LOL man shut the fuck up, this guy is a lot bigger than him, all he has to do is jab jab punch win, boxing is about skill, not about being the biggest guy out there, which is why the tall russians will never be famous in the world of boxing,it isn’t about how big you arebut the skill you possess,now shut your dumb ass mouth and keep walking.Coz Hayes will be a name to remember, Klitchko will not.Go cry pusseh, coz black people still dominate boxing, and the legends will always be black

  6. ukrainik says:

    LOLme talking out of my ass? ROFL that was a good one about dominating the sport. Just to clarify I’m not racist in fact all of my favorite Boxers are black (Fraizer, Lois, Larry Holmes) but at the moment there is not one black heavyweight champ.
    Oh booohooo, not fair, not the same size… Well he probably should have stayed with smaller fellows where he belongs. But instead he ran his mouth and got his belt taken away from him.Wawawaaa. Come on man don’t be a sore looser 😉

  7. absa0f says:

    so David haye was beaten by a Robott hahaha

  8. fktheworld2 says:

    @mrtonychee LOLLL another pussy brit trying make his pussy country look tough….dude brits r pussys, ur country is a weak coward americas bitch….ur fighters r a joke they r just there so american and mexicans can practise on them to get better now fuk off u brit

  9. mrtonychee says:

    @fktheworld2 you lil mug brits are harder fighters look at cooper he had ali on the deck and beat but no ali was saved and everyon goes on about just the heavy wheights ya no fuck all you lil tart even one boxer i could mention is calzaghe he ripped all your lot apart yas couldnt handle him

  10. MrTivert says:

    @vman996 Lol at ‘No, I aint Racist you nigger lover ‘ HAHAHAHAHA

    No. i am a white man….and whiter than you can pretend to be!
    I am so white that milk bottles hide in shame!

    But i am not using the words ‘coon’ and ‘nigger’, whilst saying’ i am not racist’

  11. yanholing says:

    I can understand if Haye dislike’s Klitschko’s fighting style or whatever, but why is there bad blood between them, in that Haye won’t be a good sport and shake hands at press conferences? Dd Klitschko say something insulting to make Haye act like that?

    Also people saying “Blacks dominate boxing” and “Klitschkos are exceptions to the rule” reveal their ignorance. Look up who the champions are, at all weight classes, middleweight and up. Look who all top CONTENDERS are. And then STFU.

  12. fktheworld2 says:

    @kingkobra180 dude every brit boxer is a bum….who did lewis beat? a over the hill holyfield? and a washed up out of prime tyson? hahahah brits fighters only beat bums or old fighters….

    ali, tyson, foreman, frazier the best boxers ever….if these fighters were fighting today boxing wud be very popular and bums like lewis haye wudent be on the map…they wud working in factorys hahahha

    this is whats happens to boxing when brits take over, no one fukin watches it

  13. forexistentialistics says:

    HAYE TOEtally TOEssed out in TOE reTOEriment!

  14. Lodders88 says:

    @Flankymanga shut up you stuid cunt , yea ill be putting me toy in your mommas ass, then strap bombs to her hips and blow the dirty slut up in bits :~~ then open a beer to celebrate cunt

  15. rexjohnsonjr says:

    “Hayemaker” Haye, after three years of hype, comes up with 10 flops, about 50 punches, none meaningful. He basically mugs while pedaling backwards for 12 rounds. Awful, dull fight. Clown show. Who in his right mind would pay to see something like that again?

  16. stupidintellect90 says:

    Wow…my sister was right., Wladimir’s an angel and he’s an idiot

  17. bobskins808 says:

    @dylanf450 thats spot on m8. he talks bollocks

  18. Shirashama says:

    Haye had all the tools he needed to win he just didn’t try because he’s useless. Wlad isn’t really a fighter either. The heavyweight division is in shit shape.

  19. kingkobra180 says:

    haye was in better shape when he fought valuev. the fact is lennox lewis was the best,tyson never beat anyone very good,bruno should kod him,lewis beat holyfield,tyson,morrison,riiddick bowe ducked lewis,bruno,vitali when lewis was out shape and retiring,he had 2 defeats but avenged them

  20. sibalnom says:

    poor haye he was stuttering even with his teasings… he had no plan, he knew the inevitable.

  21. MMAC0RE says:

    Both fighters were pretty woeful, but Haye was proper shit, he couldn’t knock a decent wank out the cunt, if you’re going to talk yourself up like he did at least put in a performance to match your mouth!

  22. dylanf450 says:

    we wont hear david haye speak shit anymore seen as he got the head punched off

  23. dylanf450 says:

    David Haye is a BUTTMAN

  24. DESIMPSO1 says:

    I admit Haye is a loser but do you think the Klitchkos are hall of fame material? It is time for the eastern block to dominate as the Blacks, Irish and the Italians have moved on to bigger things over the years. The only difference is that the Klitchkos have not had any worthy opponents which is no fault of there own. Apart from the older Klitschko who had his face torn apart by the aged Bad man LENNOX!

  25. vitaljevich says:

    What a loooooser! Big mouth looser. I won money on this fight. Klitschko is still the best.