David Haye vs Tyson Fury set for September 28

David Haye Online video Rating: five / five

22 Responses to “David Haye vs Tyson Fury set for September 28”

  1. arsenalmanic says:

    The press conferences are a must watch. Also the vid on the top right hand side titled (ringside haye and fury side by side) is a good watch

  2. taniakhan8936 says:

    Tyson fury has got excellent mic skills he should b a pro wrestler be in the wwe or something

  3. Jon Rob says:

    Haye wins this fight all day long. I predict round 4 KO

  4. littlepeajr14 says:

    Love your videos bro, love from the UK… P.S I agree with everything you say, Tyson got a good chance but still 70/30 in favour of Haye to knock him out… David Haye is one of the most underrated fighters in the world all because of one performance against 6ft8 klitchscho, the hayemakers fights giants an the only reason he can do it is because he’s got one punch knockout power… I very much doubt the great Ali could of beaten wladimir in his prime

  5. MrMattwall88 says:

    Good breakdown mate. Thanks

  6. califilipino says:

    I’m joking man. Just looks like a loss is coming his way that’s all.

  7. YiYi DELANEY ENT says:

    are you mental Tony Thompson would get destroyed by these 2 fighters there CLASS A and he is Class B

  8. rikyricardo79 says:

    Fury is a very entertaining trash talker and funny, and Haye is another one so lets hope the build up lives up to the hype

  9. DStyleBoxing says:

    Tyson fury is not exiting. I mean if upper cutting your self in the face is exciting then do be it

  10. DStyleBoxing says:

    Tony Thompson beats these guys

  11. james wilson says:

    no illegal puches this time fury you big lug

  12. mogily77 says:

    Grove vs Froch will happen too!! Haye shouldn’t have too many problems with Fury as has done rounds with bigger guys such as Valuev & Klitschko, & if Cunningham can knock down Fury then I have a feeling Haye won’t need to many invitations to put him to sleep!

  13. A OK says:

    Haye will win by knockouk and all the Tyson haters will jump on his back, lets not forget that he will walk away with £5 MILLION!!!! That’s a caravan each for the next 10 generation of his family lol.

  14. thecooltunesnetwork says:

    Fury is catching an L, Cunningham dropped him with a right, that’s haye’s biggest punch!

  15. LogicalStatements3 says:

    It’s funny, Fury retweets all his brown nosing arse lickers.
    Hayes just calm and cool.
    It’s nap time come Sep 28th Fury.

  16. Stephen hem says:

    I cant wait for this one. Maybe this will bring Fury back to reality after he gets knocked the fuck out.

  17. MaratSafinVideos says:

    Maybe if Fury’s mentality is as negative as yours. Everyone wants a crack at the title. How is that lose-lose?

  18. mall231 says:

    Are all you douche bags looking forward to the fight

  19. Scott Graham says:

    Good vid man

  20. Scott Graham says:

    Fury will go toe too toe with haye trust me.soon as hayes big right hand catches him game over

  21. binumar16 says:

    Tyson fury aint winning shit

  22. DarthMuse says:

    Tyson Fury won’t bow down to Haye imo Fury will tie Haye up and lean on him!