David Haye ‘Vitali Wouldn’t Hear That Final Bell’

David Haye Video clip Ranking: four / 5

24 Responses to “David Haye ‘Vitali Wouldn’t Hear That Final Bell’”

  1. MegaNanand says:

    David can only talk. He is a duck.

  2. tatoshka12738 says:

    HEY DAVID wear the shirt again the the fight will be done!! i promise

  3. teddytoop says:


  4. feckerknuckles says:

    haye cut his own throat along with chisoras and their wwe stunt bet the bottle was fake i aint trolling just talking crap lol theres a difference

  5. WhittakerBoxing says:

    Wow you must be really intelligent…..

  6. WhittakerBoxing says:

    Wow that’s just not true

  7. WhittakerBoxing says:

    lol you fuck off and stop trolling

  8. jordanjoepetts says:

    Steve Bunce wants to snog David Haye!

  9. Bdog1277 says:

    Didn’t we hear all this bullshit before he fought Wladimir? Wake up people, David Haye is nothing but a con artist.

  10. jcotty7 says:

    haye will fight vitali in septemebr and bring back glamout to boxing – take it as it comes bro and dont say vitali is strong cuz he beat chisora who is ft and got koed by haye with one punch

  11. themoloneyful says:

    o wow i hate it when people get vitali and wladimer mixed up, they look and act completely different, this guy is meant to be a boxing interviewer

  12. WhiteSlift says:

    What do you have against him? He’s a great sympathic guy.

  13. feckerknuckles says:

    just for the fucking record i am a brit i like vitali klitscho , but i cant stand his smarmy smug fuckface brother wlad

  14. feckerknuckles says:

    your right haye he wouldnt hear the bell it after he knocked you clean out,but you fucked up your chances after cheap shotting chisora with a bottle,klitscho dont want you now, no big payday for you,just fuck off and retire

  15. s2007n8 says:

    u should realize that many brits do like the Klitschko’s, many more than Haye and Chisora

  16. mark1007 says:

    david haye = shameless, moneygrabbing prick!! As far from the greats as could be…no class, zero humility, poor entertainment. An all round bag of shite!

  17. Antifatz says:

    Gaymaker-than come to germany and fight! Don`t wait and talk, talk, talk like 2007-2011 with Wladimir!!!……….and eat your T-shirts ,you arrogant asshole!No chance against Wladimir!And now, british gayasshole? Your pants are brown,while the big brother is waiting :O)

  18. ivoandsumi says:

    british cunts you hate klitschko because he makes yur faggy boxers his bitch only lenox was good enough to stop him

  19. kaino1990 says:

    fuck i hope this happens, i thought david retired it would be good to see david haye back in the ring hes got a good 2-5 years left in him

  20. Lelolutko says:

    haye destroy vitali??????????????????? in what kind of fantasy world are these people living thinking dreaming????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

  21. dolarekk says:

    You’re right that he can lost much by losing to Vitali,but I think Haye can beat Vitali

  22. Azhsc93 says:

    he will bitch

  23. lamojitita says:

    david haye is a punk and a liar he never will beat vitali

  24. whitetornado52 says:

    they’re coming to take you away to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time and you will be happy to see the men in their clean white coats. MEDICATE THIS ASSHOLE!