David Haye Speaks Out On Chisora Brawl

David Haye Video Ranking: four / five

24 Responses to “David Haye Speaks Out On Chisora Brawl”

  1. connect121 says:

    @sagatbalrog..Well you MUST be the IDIOT and also the king or QUEEN (in this case) of fools..When I gave my opinion, regarding both of these men, I was NOT comparing each individual, on the basis of which one is the worse, all i said was, if you read both of my post (if you can read) is that BOTH have NOT been the best role models by the way they have not conducted themselves.

  2. connect121 says:

    You seem to have got angry, because I stated my opinion, but you need to calm down and divert your frustrations elsewhere.. By the way do you know that David Haye is married, so i am sure he can do without your queer alliance… I am sure Mr Haye does NOT require you to watch his back or do anything else to his back region, because as I stated, he is a married man.

  3. connect121 says:

    @sagatbalrog..You really NEED to go back to school and start your education again, starting at the infants, because you are indeed VERY THICK.. Been able to read is NOT enough, you also NEED to understand, once you have read something..

  4. sagatbalrog says:

    @connect121 david haye never hit,spit,slapped anyone like chisora has done before a fight, David haye never beat up his girlfriend, got arrested for illegal weapons like chisora. The worst david did was wear a tshirt with the klitchkos head on it. There is no comparison. Your an idiot.

  5. 79michali says:

    Haye RULEZ,
    very smart,cool,funny bro

  6. Fastjimmy041 says:

    Haye was just defending himself and is a WORLD CLASS BOXER, Chisora is not and never will be in his league. I hoped he gets banned, maybe then he will get the help he needs to sort himself out.

  7. connect121 says:

    @boxinggreatness @BaigStar … The FACTS still remains… David Haye is NOT a good role model and DEFINITELY is NOT a nice person, when you weigh up what he has done in the past…He can say Chisora has done this, Chisora has done that, BUT WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE…

  8. enesog says:

    @eddylon1983 It´s not about Boxing it´s about his behaviour. He always talks but never wants to fight. If he seriously wanted to fight Vitali he would have accepted the offer they offered him. I Think Haye is all about the money. He doesn´t care about fighting anymore.
    He should go to Hollywood and do some movies.

  9. bodybuildMD says:

    David Haye seems like a chill guy and even Vladimir said he’s a good guy but he just acts like a child sometimes. Either way I gained respect for Haye after he handled Chisora when Chisora was the one who came to him like he was something big. Hilarious interview btw 🙂

  10. eddylon1983 says:

    @enesog if david haye is a gay homo where does that put you? seriously… coz calling him a gay homo would mean you could easily knock him out, are you a world heavyweight boxer?

  11. eddylon1983 says:

    @enesog what a load of fucking shit, you talk bollocks

  12. enesog says:


  13. enesog says:

    DAVID GAY, what happened with ” I´m gonna destroy Klitschko, He´s a big slow Robot. I´m gonna break my hand when I hit him ” WHAT HAPPENED WITH THAT GAVID HOMO GAY ?!?

  14. enesog says:

    @danutd94 David Haye is a little Bitch !!!
    He pushed the Klitschkos soooo many times and anytime they agreed to fight him he just backed of like a little faggot. David Gay , all you want is money, you don´t want the fight with Klitschkos.


  15. onetwocombo says:

    i really can’t help but like him.
    he’s such a dick.
    but n’awwww, david.

  16. boxinggreatness says:

    @fickdinimer Nope! No excuses for being unified cruiser champ or beating the biggest heavyweight world champ ever..none. Even the klitschkos said yesterday that haye was right to defend himself…some people like to put the boot into british black athletes any which way they can

  17. Chakchi34 says:

    David Gay is really gay

  18. danutd94 says:

    After everything he’s done, I still can’t help but like David Haye.
    Come on Vitali, agree to the fight!

  19. fickdinimer says:

    he is such a fucking pussy that fag haye…hobby lawyer, PR Professional, and ALLWAYS excuses. ALLWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DorianMauve says:

    Whatever, nice to see him gain the public’s sympathy again. He has a very entertaining personality and has such a great sense of humor you’d almost forgive him for being such a shameless attention seeker.

  21. boxinggreatness says:

    @DorianMauve The negative about haye is though that he has easily broken hands and consequently rarely fights. He talks but then doesnt fight for a long long time and then retired. I would have liked him to have fought provetkin, chagaev & even the host of nobodys that adamek fought. Haye maximised the potential of his body but he is ultimately a cruiser, hitting so hard causes injury so he doesnt fight. I think haye would be beaten by david price&dont expect the klitschkos to ever fight price.

  22. DorianMauve says:

    I agree with you 100%. I was appalled at how Wlad kept pressuring him to shake his hand, it was pure bullying. Wlad took advantage of all the publicity David generated and in return insulted him at every occasion. The only truly nice thing he did was after the fight when he advised David not to show his toe during the press conference because it would make him look bad.

  23. carlitoboxing7 says:

    @dan4579 oh yeah that’s the same for me

  24. MegaGallimore says:

    @dan4579 roy jones would not of beaten haye, david haye is an athlete who got to the top and stayed there even now haye is regarded as the 3rd best hw and the guy is a cruiser weight roy jones is not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as david haye little toe or not it only because roy jones was american people think he was so good the power difference between haye and jones is astronmicle and david haye is as quick now as jones was in his prime