David Haye retires

David Haye Video Ranking: 3 / five

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  1. Elvathar says:

    @403766 I’m not saying he’s a all-time great. The reason why he fought the way he fought against klitschko is beacuse he belived in he’s superior reflexes and he made wlad miss but couldn’t make him pay.

    I just wish there where more like him who wanted to win and trained like it.

  2. 403766 says:

    Hmm mabye so but I wouldn;t look at it that basic, he beat two average boxers for the crusierweight titles and still didn;t become a world known name as that division is hardly the most competitive…
    He didn;t bring drama he just said a load of crap and now everyones instantly forgotten about him. And he won a title of one of the worse champions in history, who wasn;t even champion, the other guy couldn;t defend against valuev due to injury.And he ran from wlad all night(NO ACTION)

  3. Elvathar says:

    @403766 Unified the cruiserweight division. Brought back drama to the heavyweight division singelhandly. Won a version of the heavyweight championship. Went up against a prime klitschko and stayed the disctance easy.

  4. 403766 says:


    What exactly has he done?

  5. TheTubestud says:

    I don’t particularly think haye has done so great, he got totally butt raped by vlad, an that fight with the big dumbass valuev all haye did was run all night, so where’s the greatness?, hayes a pussy hole in most brits eyes.

  6. Makaveli25x says:

    you should say that to his face. he would rip your dick off and stuff it inside your own ass but youd probably enjoy that

  7. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .Does he feel he’s done enough or is it more a case of not wanting to add losses to his fight record?
    The two people who dominate a very stale division and he gets comprehensively beaten after all his gutter talk and then refuses point blank to face the other,not exactly the actions of a great fighter is it?

  8. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla You need to understand that HE feels that he has done enough. He can’t be resposible for your petty feelings.

  9. MrNodzilla says:

    @E .He feels like he has done enough??? A professional boxer who’s probably at his peak at this very moment is going to just walk away from the sport when there’s a chance of another world title shot and a wheelbarrow of money???

    He’s walking away from the sport because he wants to keep the defeats down on his record,he seems to think he’s one of Britains greatest ever boxers,LOL!
    Also he knows he can’t fight Harrisons anymore & will get KO’d by Vitali with ease,these are the real reasons!

  10. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .I know pre-fight hype and the need to sell the fight on pay per view etc,but boxing is a noble sport and should be treated like one.I believe like many other fans that Haye has crossed the line on many occasions resulting in negative press and fans turning on him.
    Saying a fight will be as one sided as a gang rape isn’t going to sell the fight,that was just Haye being a stupid cunt and if you excuse this as banter than that says more about you than me,don’t you think,can you think?

  11. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla Still I say it again. It’s pre-fight hype nothing else. That’s why I can put up with it beacuse I know he is not 100% serious and so should you.

    And about retirment. It has been in he’s mind for a long time. He has said that for a lot longer the the fight with the brothers was in the air. Why he CAN walk away is beacuse HE feels like he has done enough.

    If you don’t feel like it that’s fine. But then you don’t really understand winning anything do you now?

  12. MrNodzilla says:

    I must be a retard of biblical proportions considering how often you’re making these “deliberate misssspellinz”,the original sentence you put the stupid word in made me wonder if aquard was even the right word to use.

    You also must be super fly considering the amount of ways you spell racist!

  13. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .As for being a racist,it’s now racist to ask someone what ethnicity they are?
    I asked because you used an “urban” word which i was unfamiliar with and you also seem to forgive a fellow black man for anything he does.If you were to ask the majority of people what they thought of Haye they’d probably call him a loudmouth thug who got found out.
    What age is he 31,an age where a lot of heavyweights are in their prime yet he walks away when there’s a fight that doesn’t even need hyped???

  14. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .I can’t comprehend pre-fight hype,maybe it’s you that can’t comprehend that there should be a limit in how far you go to hype a fight.Talking about gangrape and all the other nonsense Haye spouts isn’t clever,witty or really what any boxing fan wants to hear.
    Take Ali for example,he said some nasty stuff but it was all acceptable because it was tongue in cheek,witty and funny,the mirro opposite of Haye.

  15. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla And you’re a racist right? Seriously I haven’t argued with anyone like you. You can’t comprehend pre-fight hype and are as sensitive as the brothers. Apperently you don’t think before you write stuff.

    Anyways if you aren’t completly retarted you should know what words I mean when I missspell them. That’s called a general idea of the language. But if you spellchecks everything you write on the internet that needs to stand for you 🙂

    This is goodbye mr-namecalling rascist.

  16. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .I’m not really sure what ” aquard ” means,is it a deliberate misspelling of awkward in a pathetic attempt to be hip?
    Some idiot came up with a brain damaged way of spelling a word and you latch onto it thinking it’s clever,and i’m the idiot?

    You’re black right?

  17. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla It’s quite aquard how mad you get. You really show who is the idiot here.

  18. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .Oh yeah,about the sick note he failed to produce.
    “What’s immature is that Klitschko who always promotes himself as such a gentleman can’t take a man by his word”???How can you trust the “word” of a man like Haye,didn’t he blame his performance on a bruised pinky toe,which he probably done pre-fight as an excuse!

    Imagine if someone took time off work and when asked by their boss for a sick note replied,i’m not going to give it to you,you’re going to have to take my word,LOL!!!

  19. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .There’s pre-fight hype and there’s being a classless idiot who has to cross the line because his talent doesn’t speak for itself,yet you defend him to the hilt,why?
    What he says and does doesn’t bother you because you obviously admire him,it probably doesn’t bother you because you will also be a scumbag no doubt!

    Didn’t this idiot call himself the best cruiserweight of all time,eh hello,Evander Holyfield!!!

  20. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla Never said that david haye was a gentlemen, but still you are like the klitschkos you don’t understand pre-fight hype. It’s all for the buisness.

  21. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla I never said that David was a gentlemen. But then you seem to understand prefight hype just as good as klitschko.

  22. MrNodzilla says:

    @Elvathar .A true gentleman doesn’t talk so flippantly about gang rape,you total prick!

  23. Elvathar says:

    @MrNodzilla A true gentlemen can take a man by his word and don’t need paperwork.

  24. sanjaysrevoIutions says:

    i dont understand, why retire at such a young age.

  25. MrEdongzki says:

    he is too young to retire,he should rebuild his reputaton..by going back @ lightheavyweight and challenge chad dawson..that is a good move for him..