David Haye retires from boxing (Statement and Interview) – Sky Sports News coverage

David Haye Video clip Ranking: five / 5

11 Responses to “David Haye retires from boxing (Statement and Interview) – Sky Sports News coverage”

  1. xDet3rmin4tionx says:

    What a pussy, Haye everything thats wrong with the sport, too much money, too little pride and a corrupt shit fucked up sport.

  2. wildwolves8 says:

    Career´╗┐ ending toe injury

  3. HolyRollerTV says:

    Haye was never THE heavy wieght champion on the worl, Haye was A heavywieght champion.
    but came up short @ the next level…

  4. forexistentialistics says:

    haye started as a pussy and ended as one too!

  5. BallisticBrawler says:

    What a dissapoint and disrespect to your loyal fans, Dude emmanual steward is willing to train you. Seal your legacy David and shock the world and bat Vitali, dont ruin your chance

  6. amensupremera says:

    What a chump! He set 31 as a limit so he’d know how long how to stall b/c he knew couldn’t back up the smack talk about the Klitschkos. I mean really, why don’t you Brits call Haye on his Bullsh*t? You should be burning this guy. Naseem, Lewis, Hatton all fought the best. Khan’s is calling out the best. Haye is a punk. If he really wanted the best and if he really wanted to fight the best he wouldn’t have pussied around the Wlad and Vitali. What a joke Haye is

  7. r4hulwebb says:

    He’d have no chance against Vitali. Haye has no foot to stand on after the performance against Vlad. Vitali would destroy him

  8. MsBer80 says:

    @kingkevinjoy he’s a cunt that robbed me twice of my ppv money.

  9. MsBer80 says:

    @kingkevinjoy he’s a cunt that robbed my twice of ppv money.

  10. kingkevinjoy says:

    he was a great cruiserweight but a average heavyweight in a division thats at its all time weakest. hopefully povetkin and the up and comming amateur super heavyweights can bring it back to a top notch era

  11. ElectricAvenuesIRE says:

    Klitschkos ran that boy clean out of boxing.