David Haye Not Renewing Boxing License

David Haye Video clip Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “David Haye Not Renewing Boxing License”

  1. SoccerDJRob says:

    Haye owes it to the world to try to end the klitschkos.

  2. bebIessed says:

    @BoxingInEurope UFC is dying? check the PPV? YOU check the PPVs vs boxing ufc just signed with FOX how fucking delusional r u

  3. BoxingInEurope says:

    @bebIessed UFC is dying. (Check out the PPV rates of 09,10,11). It’s not as “real as it get”, when was the last you saw someone use an “Armbar” in a street fight.

  4. BoxingInEurope says:

    @AhmadAlony123 I agree.(But much more then 5 years of Success). UFC pound4pound king only did 300,000 buys. (UFC:Rio) Boxing King did 1,500,0000+. Amir Khan did 60,000 ppv buys in a country 5 times small then the USA ( 60,000 X 5 = 300,000), UFC is dying much faster then Boxing.

  5. SamuraixJack says:

    Haye should have just stayed at Cruiserweight. i mean that would have been his best choice.

    Haye vs Adamek would have been great, but he chose to go up and complain.

  6. ghns1133 says:

    people ask about haye’s legacy?????

    what legacy

    he did nothing???

  7. smallcaliberslug says:

    haye’s made a joke of boxing over the last few years with his i’m retiring on october 10th 2011 bullshit. bored me to death trying to force fights with the klitschkos because of it. he’s clearly only in it for the celebrity status. i lost respect for him because of the i’m retiring bollocks but i’ll lose even more if he now doesn’t retire…nothing more boring than listening to a bullshiter. your hearts not in it so stop mugging your fans off…

  8. husambusam says:

    Hahaha lol haye is shit

  9. peckerdecker says:

    David haye vesrsus james TOEny

    he hehe

    best wishes

  10. hawkermustang says:

    Fu*k Haye! I want that cherry picking bum to retire!

  11. bebIessed says:

    @AhmadAlony123 dude thats some bullsht mma is the future bro. just enjoy both chill

  12. T74G says:

    no desire to see Haye fight ever….

  13. T74G says:

    it was at Cruiser….Haye unified the titles at Cruiser, had the Ring belt and all….

  14. JoseSilver says:

    Ha ha! “His upper half is thicker than his lower half and that’s not the norm for James”!!

  15. AhmadAlony123 says:

    ATM, FUCK MMA. All their good fighters are retiring in a few years. The up and comers are boring as FUCK. I will say that UFC is good at promoting fights and the way the show fan appreciation, but when it comes down to the actual fights, they’re unbelievably boring. A spectator will get excited when they’re exchanging blows while standing, but as soon as theres a takedown, they go like “oh fuck here we go, let me go take a shit and i’ll come back.” MMA will have 5 years of success, thats all.

  16. AhmadAlony123 says:

    It’s sad how Haye is retiring after a loss. His legacy is tarnished now because of his behaviour before and after the Klitscho fight. He should have one last bout against an up and comer, maybe win by KO, and THEN hang the gloves. He deserves it.

  17. ncTAYLORxx says:

    there’s no doubt haye was a complete dissapointment but i still believe it was an off night for him although im not saying he would win either way.

  18. TheLagunaSunrise says:

    Enzo Marcianelli is awesome.

  19. jc88fan says:

    haye is nothing but a fraud. I’ll already predicted that he will retire after fighting Wlad. He doesn’t want to fight vitali because he know that he has no chance.

  20. Boylo2492 says:

    Dana white isnt that the guy who talks shit about bob arum all the time haha… I have no issues bro jus cos i squat fuck ur mam for reps haha dont be hatin on me!! Where did ya hear this shit aswel? Haye wants vitali klitschko… A real athlete not these retards like bigfoot silva and rampage jackson! The only good thing about MMA is JON JONES period

  21. juggaloman10000 says:

    David Haye is a bitch. If a 747 landed on him today, I wouldn’t be able to care less if I was paid to.

  22. puraninder says:

    David Haye to MMA

  23. KhanioProductions says:

    @Boylo2492 i made that comment because David Haye wants to go to MMA, if Dana White fucked u in the ass at some time which is why u hate MMA so much then u need to deal with your own issues, dont let it spill over on youtube.

  24. PsnMOB says:

    real boxing fans will remember david haye for more than the wladimir fight, the guy has a legacy

  25. Boylo2492 says:

    @KhanioProductions who said anything about MMA? That sports a joke… Master of one trade > jack of all trades! Boxing pisses on MMA