David Haye Interview on Dereck Chisora Brawl

David Haye Video Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “David Haye Interview on Dereck Chisora Brawl”

  1. britishmusiconly says:

    that douche couldnt beat big foot silva haye would spark him out in a
    boxing ring

  2. cazz3000 says:

    haha! well spotted, i would have never twigged that without paying

  3. cymruadam says:

    The woman is annoying as shit

  4. Rohan Shah says:

    Its not like he is shit, how many people do you know that have the world
    cruiser and heavyweight title?

  5. rachid ropjes says:

    if chisora spit at badr hari , badr would kill him , I really believe that
    badr hari can beat these guys, he will be the new heavyweight boxing
    champion inshallah

  6. martin hall says:

    chisora against bigfoot silva?

  7. Tom White says:

    5:39, Alexandra says “he is fit” haha

  8. 77Dolton says:

    Many boxers have entered in the ring with injuries too. It’s their decision
    that of course should be taken after the doctor gives the go.I am not
    saying is right or wrong. It’s a personal choice based on relevant
    issues.Man take decisions and man face consequences.I totally understand
    how important footwork is , but that’s not the point.There are not ifs and
    buts when you want something done.

  9. instereovideos says:

    nah, you’re just whining and trying to rationalize it. Vitali said it hurt
    and greatly limited what he could do, but he was determined not to throw in
    the towel for safety reasons the way he did with Chris Byrd, because he
    didn’t want Chisora to get the satisfaction after the way he acted. So VK
    kicked his ass more or less one handed. Injuries don’t have to “need
    surgery” to be dangerous in a boxing match.

  10. 77Dolton says:

    Despite that i respect your opinion and point of view .I think Haye is a
    decent boxer .He did ok against Wladimir but yes he lost the match.Vitaly
    told him good fight after the match .It doesn’t do him any favors
    mentioning the injury .That brings so many ifs and buts and a lot of people
    making fun of him.That’s for him to know that he can do much better next
    time injury free.If so he doesn’t have to worry but be patient in the line
    like other champs earned their way to the top.

  11. Steadno says:

    i want that redbone in the middle

  12. jimmy sull says:

    I have to say i never liked david haye but i think he was dead right to do
    what he did to chisora..he said he was gonna give haye 2 slaps..took off
    his jacket an approached haye..these guys are boxers trained to hurt before
    they get hurt..its fine for a joe soap to risk standing there an taking a
    punch because u punch the guy back..if one of these boys hits you its
    goodnight irene!!.he was dead right he got his in 1st and he didnt wanna be
    embarrased..and he never bottled him either!!

  13. Jerchewicz says:

    2:41 What did he say? I didn’t understand

  14. mrpointment1 says:

    tyson he had that kind of style to beat them.as roy jones jr sed he
    answered that very question saying that u need tyson mentality to beat
    them.he had amazing defense just by the peek-a-boo bobbing and weaving
    style which would be great against the long reach and jab to duck and dodge
    and get under in order to get close to them

  15. Liam Ward says:

    Sorry to all haters, I think Haye is cool as fuck! His words seem genuine,
    and I saw the stuff with Chisora and the Klitschko brothers. Not a nice way
    to play. Chisora deserved all he got!

  16. CheckmateRidRot says:

    All that stuff that Chisora has done, and yet I still think Haye is the
    bigger cunt! astonishing!

  17. bluflarp says:

    i think hes one of the top HW although retired, he could come back and beat
    everyone with possibly the exception of the Klitch’s. I honestly believe
    his toe excuse, (did u see the thing? swollen and red, looked disgusting).
    to punch hard u need to step into it, right? well u can’t step properly if
    one of ur toes is busted up. That’s probably part of the reason why he kept
    on falling down

  18. rocky balboa says:

    whats the black girls name? she hot as hell

  19. Tom Daniels says:

    Haye got approached and defended himself, it wasn’t a boxing match who
    gives a fuck what he did he dropped chisora and his buddy

  20. lamont coleman says:

    hayes respect went down after the klitchco fight, i personally think his
    tactics were all wrong dropping weight for the bout trying to line him up
    with a jab and hayemaker all night, he underestimated him, needed more
    flurrys of hits and combos against him, not to say he would beat him in a
    rematch but i think he would do alot better and he learnt alot from it.
    Chisora v haye is a waste of time, haye would finish him.

  21. lCj1993l says:

    Burke needs to get her ugly horse face head out of David’s ass.

  22. shondre sir says:

    fuck is wrong with these people constantly saying the turn the other cheek
    stuff… and blaming HAYE? they act like if they get slapped, beat up or
    spit on they will just say awww people that try and blame people for
    defending themselves are idiots…

  23. sagatbalrog says:

    wlad did slurp up the spit wit a silly grin on his face. david was on point
    about that

  24. SvenEhlers says:

    haye is an excellent boxer, becoming a unified cruiserweight champion and
    the wba heavyweight champion. i think that says a lot!

  25. Lloydee Banks says:

    Loooool this is funny