David Haye Confirms Retirement

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25 Responses to “David Haye Confirms Retirement”

  1. MrsClaudia93 says:

    Seriously, stop kissing Haye’s ass. He’s a good boxer and all, but don’t act like he’s a legend, ’cause he’s not. He wasn’t even able to knock Wladimir out or anything. I’d be ashamed of myself, if I was him, ’cause he said he’s gonna kill the Klitschko brothers. And now, he finished his “career”. Uhm, go fight Vitali, you coward. He’d love to knock you out. Oh and remember the fight with Valuev? Valuev was better than Haye that time, therefore Haye should’ve never become the HW world champion.

  2. eCoNoMiiKz says:

    @da19196 People use it… and Adam will use it to train George Groves

  3. MrGazman87 says:

    you love boxing? whatever david you mug if you really loved boxing you wouldnt be running with your money at 31 yrs old. You fought a bunch of nobodies until getting dominated by a real champ in Wladamir, talked your way into that fight and cheated all your british fans in the process P4P CHUMP!

  4. StiansNorskeNyheter says:

    what a chicken, fight vitali you fucking prick, you will get killed by VITALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. forexistentialistics says:

    @CANDYtime94 He started as a pu ssy and ended as one too!

  6. TheNigerianScammer says:

    David i love your style this is a shame. People who dissing the hayemaker get a life.

  7. DarthMuse says:

    @adam92ist yeah direct to-dvd rocky movies! lmfao!

  8. adam92ist says:

    haye to play remakes of rockey lol

  9. TheBonofly1 says:

    David Haye has absolutely NO BOXING HEART! he retires with only 31, wow what a wimp:) with only a few fights in heavyweight against “old” Ruiz, and “still standing” Valujew, monte “who?” barret etc… wow David, i see you really love your english fans right? :):)

    you are a fake,a wimp, talked himself into a klitschko fight, in hope to make a last BIG PAYDAY! money rules David he? 🙂 well, the Klitschkos are in great shape too, but with 50 Fights, and they dont retire, because they are GOOD;)

  10. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @CANDYtime94 I was a big fan of Haye. But to be fair, his resume is complete garbage and he was badly exposed against Wlad.

  11. Bilo122 says:

    he is the best boxer ever THE HAYEMAKER

  12. da19196 says:

    What’s going to happen to his gym????

  13. eddylon1983 says:

    @TheClassifiedMan thats the craziest thing i’ve ever heard, vitali has never been on the canvas even when lennox lewis sparked him with an uppercut right on the button, david haye got shut out virtually by wlad, vitali would kill him, his best shot was with wlad n we see what happened… if he fights chris areola he will win, he’d even beat adamek, but he has a 1% chance against vitali

  14. MultiMAGICDAN says:


  15. TheClassifiedMan says:

    @eddylon1983 I know i thought he had a few more knockouts in him to but i think he does stand a chance with the klitschkos he only lost due to a broken toe i believe this i know how hard it is to fight with a realy sore foot, i think vitali would get KO’d because he basicly has no defense and david would pick his shots and hurt him big time.

  16. moonfruit100 says:


  17. OfficalRap says:

    David Haye was a top class boxer. 25 wins, 23 by way of K.O only 2 defeats, 0 draws. Don’t try and diss him because i know how hard boxing is, iv been there. A lot of people think boxing is a good career, end of the day your going to get lucky not to get milked by the promoter. Very few make it and David Haye is one of them.

  18. MegaKINGRICHARD says:

    its a shame he could’nt go on for another 3-4 years he’s still young, im sure he would of got another shot at the belts and probably beat wlad given another chance, thats why wlad did’nt consider a rematch coz hed rather fight shiters

  19. SteveDutchy says:

    hehe communication is not his strongest point. good luck to you Haye in whatever you’re doing.

  20. TheXeniaonatopp says:

    Haye said heavyweight boxing is turning shit, because Wladimir is fighting Mormeck who is 39. last i remember Haye fought Audley harrison who was also 39 at the time and unlike mormeck was not even a world class fighter. Mormeck has beaten some guys in the heavyweight devision which show is actually rated in the heavyweight world class. So he is actually taking on a fight with a old veteran, rather then haye who took on a old, washed up BUM!!!

    Haye is full of shit, like this if you believe me.

  21. eddylon1983 says:

    @TheClassifiedMan he shouldn’t of retired, he still had a few fights out there, he just never stood a chance with the klitschko’s

  22. voodooorc says:

    david is not bad at all, he made good fights… welcome to the mma…

  23. katar1973 says:

    It’s his choice he can do what he wants …And besides he is still going to be hot lol

  24. SilverLiningVideos says:

    @Scampern i agree 100% with this.

  25. CANDYtime94 says:

    David Haye made more than 40 million dollars in his boxing career, he became the unified cruiserweight champion and heavyweight champion of the world. Now who of you can say you achieved that?

    Thought so now shut the fuck up and show this man respect!