David Haye announces retirement from boxing

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25 Responses to “David Haye announces retirement from boxing”

  1. natureboyinyourface says:

    he suffered a career ending pinky toe injury,he was the greatest chump ever.

  2. wildwolves8 says:

    but he’s right about wlad vs mormeck, that fight is a joke.

  3. wildwolves8 says:

    Career ending toe injury

  4. uatch says:


  5. crowley0312 says:

    LMAO! This loser thinks he’s going to be a huge action movie star? Who would want to cast him? He’s ugly as fuck.

  6. WriterWolf92 says:

    good on him. even he knows no one is going to knock klitschko off his throne anytime soon

  7. mspuppetstuff735 says:

    Oh, no!

  8. LeftToLive says:

    David Haye. Legend

  9. emily5554 says:

    I am really going To Miss You David Haye. You will Always be my favroute boxer. good luck in the future


  10. thecyberpunkten says:

    DAVID HAYE won the Won WBA, WBC and The Ring Cruiserweight titles. OF THE PERSON WLADAMIR IS FIGHTING NEXT… and he says WLADS done nothing? He bangs on about being the crusierweight unified ??

  11. MainMan319 says:

    Klitschko was the man Haye called a robot; the man Haye said he would put in hospital; the man Haye said he would decapitate. The man who made Haye look stupid, inside and outside of the ring. thumbs up if you think haye did the right thing

  12. untissify says:

    Good riddance big mouth.

  13. bptaylor11 says:

    He was more boring than the boxers he called boring. His only shot against Klitschko was to run and not get knocked out and that’s not interesting.
    However, I will give him credit for retiring at the right time instead of taking too many shots like so many boxers do.

  14. MrGloryglorymanutd18 says:

    he didnt change heavyweight boxing,hes the best shit talker

  15. flatcoke123 says:

    @MrCherubhair1 they dont need to be 😛 it just used to be mostly black people and it was exciting to see them box, guess im saying the exciting boys are out and it pisses me off cause boxing isnt as big anymore

  16. squirilman009 says:

    @grandabell You said it man………

  17. SquallLeon81 says:

    David you have seen the match between Klitschko VS Adamek!
    Ahahahah you shit on your pants, admit that the broken finger was only an excuse.

  18. grandabell says:

    @zzz7628 Well said! I agree with you 100%.

  19. grandabell says:

    Good riddance! Go back to the gutter where you belong and take your talk of gang-rape with you! Your skills as a boxer demand respect, but as a Champion and as a professional fighter your conduct was the worst example to aspiring boxers in British boxing history. I for one am delighted to see the back of you, but I won’t be surprised in the least when you make your first comeback in a year’s time. Do British boxing a favour and stay retired.

  20. AwesomeAnfield34500 says:

    Toadman sorry if he lost a fight, you don’t win all of them, I’m sad he’s gone he made the heavyweight division interesting for once now it’s crap again :/

  21. toadman842 says:

    You had your chance to win the title from Klitchko. You failed. You have no right to bitch about the state of the heavy weight division, dumb fuck/

  22. MrMarco4ever says:

    Lots of love from Wales David. One of the British greats. You’re in my top 5 post world war II british boxing great. Well done for all your achievements.

  23. squirilman009 says:

    Man Haye is gotta be the worse Heavyweight champion ever.

  24. chazpepchaz says:

    lets try a real sport now, MMA boxing is dead

  25. sirBringIt says:

    How can you walk in with a t-shirt with the klischkos head cut off and go out with a smile without even touching Vitalis head????? cmon David!! He challenged you a while a go.. step up for gods sake.. Lennox did it and we want a replay..