David Haye AKA The Hayemaker

David Haye Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. whotaughtyou says:


  2. universe112 says:

    come on…british people don’t listen to this music. they still listen to the beetles.

  3. seanmacfitz says:

    not many people like him now because of the bullshit he came out with before wladimier’s fight….
    BUT, he is a great boxer with an admirable record.
    (i dont like him much anymore)

  4. toomey2u says:

    Haye just reminds me of a street fighter/ brawler

  5. benizzz says:

    @benizzz im not a david haye fan… you cant really say klitschko are great either because every fight the they have had were againts bums aswell.. heavywieghts dead..

  6. crowley0312 says:

    @benizzz Hahahahahahaha!!! Haye fans are so funny. Valuev is a complete bum (Like everyone Haye fought up until Wlad). So what if he is over 7 feet tall? He can’t box. The Klitschkos haven’t avoided him, you tard. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  7. benizzz says:

    @crowley0312 please dont post.. you have no clue about boxing.. david haye is a decent boxer he stoped valuev a guy the klitschko avoided for ages..

  8. crowley0312 says:

    @fcu4life100 Dude, I was laughing at “Haye cleaned up the crusierweight” all day today. He didn’t. All he did was beat a couple bums. By the way, he’s not undisputed. He never won the IBF title. And it doesn’t take balls (Haye doesn’t have any), crusierweights move up to heavyweight all the time. And for your information, I am an amatuer and I have a record of 14-1. Now tell me, what have YOU done, bitch? You clearly don’t know shit about boxing if you like Haye.

  9. fcu4life100 says:

    @crowley0312 yes cleaned it up, thats what i said, the only succesfull cruiserweight that has gone on to do well in the heavyweights is evander holyfield, david haye is a natural cruiserweight, who unified the division then moved up and fought bigger men at heavyweight and that takes balls!!! who are you to slag a man like david haye when ur probably some little pussy that has never laced up a pair of boxing gloves in his life!!!!

  10. crowley0312 says:

    @fcu4life100 Cleaned it up? Cruiserweight is just a resting point for future Heavyweights. Haye didn’t help it, he fought bums and quit. And there is plenty of shame in the fight. Haye lost almost by DOUBLE in points. He went down in the first round. He made up a broken toe excuse. Plenty of shame. Haye solified himself as the worst HW of all time with the broken toe crap. Haye isn’t set for life, he is retiring early because he knows he won’t do anything impressive from here on.

  11. frisbyrb5 says:

    @SuperCUNextTuesday his boxing abilty is good, but to be fair at heavy he was never going to be a fighter, he was just going to run against big hitters, because his chins not the best, just feel that this new breed of fighter is playing the public, with this fake hype shit, then they carnt deliver on the night, boxing seems to be fading the best dont fight the best anymore, there more like celebritys instead of fighters, wheres the next durans,haglers,alis,tysons, hayes taking up acting ironic.

  12. MainMan319 says:

    Klitschko: the man Haye called a robot; the man Haye said he would put in hospital; the man Haye said he would decapitate. The man who made Haye look stupid, inside and outside of the ring.

  13. SuperCUNextTuesday says:

    You can’t possibly compare him to Harrison. He was a great Cruiserweight that beat a number of good opponents. He did manage to talk himself into a heavyweight title shot at such an early stage but in all honesty he was never really a Heavyweight. Just look at what the Klitschko’s have done to most of their opponents in the last decade, Haye did well considering. Adamek has the same problem that Haye had, he just isn’t physically big enough to compete with the top heavyweights.

  14. frisbyrb5 says:

    prime example why boxing is fked, he duped all the fans to buy tickets, with his showmanship antics, trying to immitate muhammed ali being all brash and cocky, now he retires a rich man, like audely harrison, another con artist who has just blagged his way to the top and become a millionaire, wot has haye done in boxing compared to past heavyweight champions?

  15. fcu4life100 says:

    @Jaybeefromhiscastle cleaned up the cruiserweight division, won a world title at heavyweight, came up against klitschko who is a natural heavyweight and got beat, no shame in that, made enough money to set him up for life!!! good on him, what have u ever done!!!!

  16. Jaybeefromhiscastle says:

    David Gaye!!! What a little bitch, retiring beaten.

  17. turkyish says:


  18. arcz10 says:

    pota toes

  19. murderzaurus says:

    I meant pre-fight talks

  20. murderzaurus says:

    Sucks that he’s going to retire. Will be missing his lightning punches and post-fight talks.

  21. Theros2 says:

    @MrCherubhair STUPID 🙂

  22. grekunio28 says:

    David Gay Haye is a clown.There are a lot of better boxers than he.He can only speak a lot.I think that he didn’t win with Waujew.Waujew was better

  23. maan1511 says:

    He just announced that he’s stopping.. I used to like him a lot – but I have lost all my respect for him recently 🙁

  24. MrMnich76 says:

    David Haye Is A Hoe

  25. StudioGuttierrez says:

    @Kwasimojo They all nigs