Antonio Tarver Wants To Fight David Haye This Year

The American Boxer, Antonio Tarver’s main goal is to become the oldest winner of the world heavyweight title.

In order to do that he will have to defeat Wladimir Klitschko but he’ll have to defeat Haye first to get a chance at fighting Klitschko. The British boxer, David Haye hasn’t fought a Boxing match after he won against Dereck Chisora in 2012 in the month of July. Haye won that match by knockout. After 2010, Haye only fought two Boxing matches.

Tarver, who played Mason ‘the line’ Dixon character in the movie Rocky Balboa is a former world light heavyweight Champion. Tarver took a 13 month time out from boxing after which he returned to the ring in December and knocked out Jonathan Banks.

He said that he is likely to fight David Haye this year. Tarver considers himself as the second best heavyweight boxer in the world at present. He said that he needs to defeat Haye to get a chance to fight Klitschko. He said that Haye has the ability to knock a man out with only one punch and he also said that Haye’s fighting style is aggressive. He said that he would come to England and defeat Haye by knocking him out.

Tarver said that his age is 46 and he is unwilling to fight a dozen boxers to get a chance to fight Klitschko but instead he wants to fight Haye and defeat him to get a chance to fight Klitschko. Tarver said that the boxing world will know if Haye is at all serious about fighting in the ring again. He said that his match against David Haye will be a very big event in London. He called himself a star and said that no person can promote a fight like him. He also said that he would like to fight Haye in Las Vegas but he would come to England anyway and knock him out.