David Haye And Tony Bellew Could Come Opposite In December

In December, Tony Bellew could meet David Haye, as a blockbuster rematch is going to take place in December after the talks were done between the both. And if this happens, the fans of wrestling will have some of the great matches to watch.

In some pictures, Haye has been seen making conversation with the promoter of Bellew, Eddie Hearn, in the gym of Las Vegas gym and according to the reports released by different sports media several productive discussions would have been held over the 9th of December and 16th December.

The development in the whole event came after a week, when Bellew admitted that Haye and he are ‘miles apart’ in negotiations, and Hearn informing that the discussion between both the fighters has been ‘virtually dead’.

However, of the reports are taken to be true and the fight between Tony Bellew  and David Haye takes place, then it is going to be a great news for the fans of the game as well as the players.

Amir Khan Expects Knockout in Mayweather vs McGregor Fight

Amir Khan claims that he does not expect a lengthy boxing fight when Floyd Mayweather takes on Conor McGregor on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Billed as the ‘billion dollar fight,’ a lot of people are expected to tune in to watch the fight. Mayweather comes into the fight with an unbeaten record and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. He comes up against UFC lightweight champion McGregor, who appears to be out of depth at this level.

There are multiple avenues to watch this fight, as one can even get access to the Mayweather v McGregor live stream amongst others. Even though Khan does not appear to be a great fan of the fight, one can be sure about getting top quality boxing action. This is largely down to the two different styles of the sport which are about to battle it out for the greatness.

Betting Records Being Broken for Mayweather vs McGregor

There have been numerous high-profile boxing events in history, but the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight has been billed as the ‘billion dollar fight.’ In terms of revenue and viewership figures, the fight is expected to smash records. However, a separate record is being created in terms of betting. The fight has generated a whopping £11.3 million being wagered at just one bookmaker alone – Betfair. The bookmaker estimates that the fight is expected to witness £50 million in bets by the time it kicks off on August 26.

The figure has comfortably broken the record size when it comes to total bets, which was previously at £8.9 million. Ironically, Mayweather also played a part in setting up that record, as the punters flew in with great interest for his fight with Manny Pacquiao in 2015.


Tony Bellew and his team say they won’t wait for David Haye following talks of a rematch between both rivals.

Bellew’s trainer Dave Coldwell said his fighter would go on to seek fresh challenges if Haye’s Achilles injury will stall the highly anticipated rematch.

Haye’s fans want to see the pair go head to head again but the fighter himself cannot promise a certain date. There are options in Joseph Parker and Deontay Wilder who are making the waves.

Coldwell said if Bellew want to make the fight happen in say October, Haye might not be able to due to his “bad injury.” He said he was happy that he was walking again but that the uncertainty puts them off. He says Haye himself does not know when he would be able to fight again as he has not started boxing training.

Coldwell said he meant real boxing training, not “lifting weights or doing a leg press.” He wants to see Haye do “dynamic boxing, taking quick steps to his left or right, and pushing off his back foot.”


Last week Saturday in London saw Tony Bellew defeat David Haye, after which the latter was driven straight to the hospital.

Haye, a former heavyweight world champion was forced to undergo a surgery due to the Achilles heel injury he sustained in his defeat in Saturday’s 11th-round. It was in the sixth round of the fight that he got injured. After the surgery, he revealed that the two-and-a-half-hour operation “went well.”

Despite this, Haye however has ruled out the possibility of retiring from the sport and instead is hoping to go into another match with his opponent.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Haye said: “I live to fight another day and I will fight another day.”

When asked if he would be returning to the ring, he replied in the affirmative: “No doubt about it, I have never been more sure about it.”

Adding, Hayes noted that the same injury has taken other athletes a longer period to come back from, but for him, he is in good condition.


British boxing champion David Haye has triggered a bitter rivalry with fellow British boxer Tony Bellew after he branded him a coward.

This is coming just as both fighters prepare for a face off in their much anticipated heavyweight grudge fight.

The two English rivals began trolling each other shortly after the confirmation of their big domestic clash set to take place on March 4.

Their recent verbal confrontation happened live on Sky Sports News as both fighters seem to harbor contempt for each other. During their verbal exchange, Haye said:

“He’s a coward, he realizes what is going to happen on the night. I’m going to destroy him absolutely. It’s all big talk before the fight.

“Now the fight is signed, I can already feel him cowering away because he knows the task at hand is too big, too strong, too fast, too powerful, and he’s going to end up knocked spark out.”