The Picture Of Perseverance: Dominick Cruz

The reality of a fighter is that the one who can get up even after he faces the punches and the setbacks, make a mark in the world and rise above all and those who cannot tolerate this are usually carried away and never have a chance in a sport like this. Dominick Cruz has been facing and tolerating every pain the game has given him in the last three years.

In a sport as violent as MMA the injuries are a mere thing now but Team Alliance got a shock as they had no idea how devastating n setback that seemed very little can actually be. Today athletes even come back from knee injuries and so Cruz was pretty confident that he would come back to the Octagon very soon. Unfortunately, it did not work out as he expected as one injury led to several other setbacks that could destroy his career. His determination showed the world that there is a life beyond self-pity.

Now that he has recovered and there is only two weeks left to the night of the fight, Cruz is having a different feeling. The last time he was in Octagon, he was the best bantamweight champion. He became the last fighter to hoist the UFC 135pound title and got the WEC crown. Between the years 2008-2011, Cruz has given the world the best performances ever seen one after another and showed that he had the skill to have the tile of being legendary. Although at first he won his games depending on speed, athletics and wrestling, with time he learnt to make his footwork the most strong point in a fight as the opponent always has a tough time solving the riddle.

Cruz says that his goal is to create history in the world of mixed martial arts and also become the best fighter that has ever competed. He wants to earn his position back by entering the mix all over again.

Lyoto Machida and Luke Rockhold set to lock horns

The Dragon as he is known as Lyoto Machida is a renowned name in the UFC Championship but he does not continue to remain the same mysterious invidual as he was a few years ago when he won the lightweight championship for the first time. The experts had identified as the next big thing but he failed to come up to expectations in the past few months. The stiff challenge that is coming up for him in the near future is the match up against Luke Rockhold. Luke Rockhold has been having a stiff competition going on between him and Michael Bisping but it has been kept on bay by the UFC President Dana White. Going by the current standings of the player the fight between Lyoto Machida and Luke Rokchold seems to be apt. Both of these players will be raring to go against each other and the fans can be ensured of a great match up.

The different style of the fighters will also be something to watch out for. Both of them are poles apart in this regard. While Lyoto Machida prefers staying back and waits for his opponents to make mistakes, his counterpart is an aggressive persona on and off the field. The fans are looking forward to catch this match and each of them is looking forward to this opportunity to prove their worth in front of the crowd. The most intriguing part of the duel is going to be the strategy that each of them is going to follow. Machida had never been a fan favorite but his last match up where he put up a stiff challenge to his opponent despite trailing by three games to none proved to be a major positive point for the fighter. The crowd shouted for his success anticipating one of the best comebacks of UFC.

Alberto Del Rio Defeated By Batista At The Elimination Chamber 2014

Alberto Del Rio is a professional wrestler who is a Mexican. His achievements at the WWE events have been remarkable. He has won the WWE Champion title and World Heavyweight Champion title twice during his career. Del Rio is obviously a wrestler who works hard and he is no doubt a superb wrestler.

For the recent WWE Elimination Chamber 2014, the fans were eagerly waiting for the confrontation between Alberto Del Rio and Batista. The match finally took place in the month of February, 2014. During the first half of the match, it seemed that Del Rio would win the Elimination Chamber 2014 match against Batista as he was performing really well. Del Rio utilized the crutch to attack Batista in the beginning. He was able to attack Batista in a successful way by using the crutch.

However, Batista was able to withstand Del Rio’s attacks. After that also Del Rio continuously kicked and attacked Batista. The response of the crowd also went against Batista during the match. At the end, Batista reacted to the attacks and used the Batista Bomb attack to defeat Del Rio. After the match, Alberto Del Rio suffered from certain injuries to his arm and knee.

Alberto Del Rio was actually not considered to be a strong contender in spite of being such a good wrestler. The crowd’s reaction towards Batista was not even that shocking and it was expected that the audiences would not support Batista. The wrestling fans do not really care about Batista.

Del Rio has lost the ultimate opportunity of entering the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match as Batista is going to compete for the Heavyweight Championship title. Fans have to wait and watch whether Batista is going to be able to make a mark on the WWE Wrestling world or not by winning the title.