Anderson Silva Declares That He Will Now Fight Jacare Souza And Lyoto Machinda

There was a time when ace martial arts champion Anderson Silva declared that he would never combat with Ronaldo Souza, Lyoto Machida or anyone else who’s a friend or a teammate from UFC. But somehow, that now is a thing of the past.

An ex middleweight champion from UFC, Anderson Silva and Jacare used to train together in Rio de Janeiro at the X Gym while the former used to train with Machida in Los Angeles at Black House. He added that regardless of the kind of relation he shares with these two he will never force them to receive the code of honor offered by Team Nogueira.

Silva commented to a popular TV channel that he will never fight his teammates; however it is not a mutual thing. While they are at Nogueira, things are taken very seriously about these issues, however, neither Jacare nor Lyoto are from the Team, hence that hold no value at all. They have reported it multiple times in different interviews that they will definitely fight Anderson, hence there should be no exception in his case.

While interviewed recently, Silva commented that he doesn’t see himself fighting and winning once more in 2014 and might not compete for the title at all. However, he seems to have changed his mind with a couple of days, when he declared that he will be competing for the title.

Anderson added that until he will be ready again to combat for the title, many things might crop up. He proudly stated that this is one title that nobody could maintain for such a long time besides him and seems confident that he will be able to do so once more.

Silva said that he feels bad that Victor Belfort, being such an amazing fighter won’t be fighting this year.

David Haye says boxing career could still go on

English boxer David Haye has claimed that his career as a professional boxer might not be over just yet after proving an update over how his recovery since undergoing a shoulder surgery is going.

Haye, a former World Boxing Association or the WBA Heavyweight champion underwent a surgery to repair his damaged shoulder back in November. He was preparing for his bout against Tyson Fury, his fellow English Heavyweight and underwent the knife and although many people thought that was the last they had seen of the former Cruiserweight champion, Haye thinks otherwise.

Although doctors have advised the Englishman to consider hanging up his boxing gloves for good this time around, he doesn’t think that the time has come yet.

The Haymaker is confident that he will be able to return to action and plans to commence training with his trainer Adrian Booth soon enough.

According to David Haye, he has now had five months recuperating from the shoulder surgery and the rehabilitation process means that his movement is not restricted much and there are very few activities that he cannot do at this time.

The 33 year old had previously retired from the sport already once after suffering defeat against Wladimir Klitschko in 2011 when he lost his Heavyweight strap, but came back the following year against Dereck Chisora.

He also mentioned that it is obvious that punching is not the everyday activity that he has referred to, he is not that far away from doing some light shadow boxing to test it as slowly as he can possibly do.

David Haye mentioned that he is yet to make a decision on the future but he mentioned that he is in the gym almost every day and following the program that has been handed out to him by his physiotherapist.